What’s MyScoutAgent?

MyScoutAgent is a hassle-free support service for anyone seeking to work in Japan.

In the other country with different cultural practices, it is not always easy to find a job in Japan. With MyScoutAgent, an “Agent” will act on behalf of these problems and search for a job that is most suitable for you.

Complete anonymity

MyScoutAgent won’t publish personally identifiable information to any third party (Your name, e-mail address, your resume, etc.). When a job offer found, you will receive a "Scout Mail" sent directly to you. Just by registering as a member, you can receive job offers without having to do “job hunting” activities in Japan.

Of course, support such as interviews is also backed up by agents for recruitment.Membership registration and the use of the service are completely free.

The best opportunity for career advancement.

Many companies have open positions that have not been publicly announced. If you are registered, you won’t miss urgent hires and unpublished job opportunities.

Approximately 34'000 account registrations have already used.

Only few steps to receive best job offer.




Answer some questions.


You will receive a scout mail from a scount agent.


Confirm the scout mail. If you are interested, reply to the agent.