Welcome to the MyScoutAgent.

MyScoutAgent provides a matching service between people who want to work in Japan who have useful skills and knowledge and companies wishing to find globally minded candidates.

Your nationality, educational background, type of VISA (or none), previous experience and your current circumstance isn’t a concern. Register your information and submit your job preferences and wait until you receive a scout mail that interests you.

HR professionals as well as respected recruit companies will send you information (open or confidential) about job opportunities without being able to see the key information that identifies you. We currently have 130 companies registered with us looking for the best talent for their needs. There are over 10 new companies registering with us weekly.

We will keep your anonymity until you accept the scout offer, but you are able to contact MyScoutAgent and feel free to ask questions any time while you wait for a scout offer.

Let our team of agents find your brightest career path.

Stuck in a rut and see no future career growth where you are? Been teaching English for a few years with no pay increase? Working in an IT company that doesn’t pay for overtime? Take a chance and see what the job market thinks of your global talent. You might be greatly surprised by the market’s view of your value.

No spam, No direct calls, Keep your privacy safe and maximize your job opportunity using MyScoutAgent.


How do I increase the chance of being scouted?

Applicants who input 60% or more data in the listed fields and include a resume (with an appropriate picture) get scouted 4x more often. Recruiters try to find candidates that match their needs. They use the Boolean search system with typically over 6 key words.

If you have not added your skills in the application, you might be missing your dream opportunity.

What’s MyScoutAgent?

MyScoutAgent is a very efficient tool for job hunting in the Japanese job market.

MyScoutAgent provides a link between people with excellent skills & knowledge and companies wishing to find employees who possess a global outlook.


Only few steps to receive best job offer.




Answer some questions.


You will receive a scout mail from a scount agent.


Confirm the scout mail. If you are interested, reply to the agent.

Registration is very simple!

You are also able to login with social media account used to register.